What is Unity Node?

There are millions of organizations working to improve life on Earth. There are hundreds of initiatives striving to provide collaborative platforms for humanitarian organizations. Unity Node is a collaboration that is bringing together efforts across sectors to respond to humanitarian needs, increasing efficiency and impact.

Goal of Unity Node:

Create and support the expectation that humanitarian and development projects (governments, NGOs, multinationals, etc.) share their data in meaningful, user-friendly ways to enable, when appropriate, working together seamlessly toward common goals that benefit the global social body.

Unity Node is:

  • A growing international coalition that promotes collaboration and sharing of data between humanitarian organizations and efforts as part of core operations
  • A coordinating body that unites the various platforms that are already trying to share data for social and environmental good
  • A unifying initiative that unites diverse stakeholders around the concept of massive sharing of data for humanitarian organizations, enabling them to work together toward their common goals.
    (stakeholders = data users, data providers, data aggregators, data visualization providers, development funders, and development organizations)
  • An effort to connect existing data stores and aggregate that data into user friendly mechanisms

Unity Node is not:

  • A formal entity, initiative, or organization
  • The result of any one person’s idea
  • The one technical platform or database to rule them all
  • A new set of standards, specifications, or file formats
  • A data sharing effort trying to replace existing data sharing efforts
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